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    Cloud King
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    January 25, 2011

Maxwell Render & RealFlow

We recently purchased Maxwell Render and RealFlow for use in our 3D modeling and rendering packages. Hands down the biggest bang for our buck in all of 2010. We didn't use it as much as we would have liked to but 2011 looks promising for MS in the world of 3D and entertainment.

Both packages were developed by NextLimit the primo Italian masters of the 3D rendering underworld. We've spent years and years tinkering with global illumination, cube maps and raytracing settings in other software packages - basically any cheap tricks that would give our renderings some kick and at least a touch of realism. Nothing ever caught our eye until we stumbled upon the NextLimit website about a year ago. At first glance of the sample images on their site.... drool.... bottom lip actually touching the desk.... more drool.... gasp.

For under a grand, a renderer where you would setup your lighting just as you would in the real world, click "render" and presto - YES - PRESTO!

We've been praying for software like this and the Lord blessed us. 2010 - we thank you for giving us the pleasure of meeting such a wonderful company and allowing us to exercise our 3D love making skills.

These are some sample images created using Maxwell Render and RealFlow. Pay close attention to the details in the solder - so real!

Future uses:

- Advertisements - print and video
- Game and web site assets
- Previz for signage

Maxwell Render + RealFlow by Next Limit

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