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    February 12, 2011


We renewed our subscription to HOW magazine, the creative design industry’s #1 magazine, and they sent us a little “Designer’s Guide to Self-Promotion” packet for free. Hot dog! There was a small article about a company called “Little Jacket” which caught our eye because they’re also based out of Ohio - Cleveland to be exact. They make custom poster prints for the music industry using screen printing which we thought was pretty interesting because until reading the article we figured screen printing was only for t-shirts and fabrics. Turns out we were wrong.

Anyway, this little company approached their identity system in a way we’ve never seen before and we absolutely love it. Most of us business owners are used to having a shop print our business cards, flyers, direct mail pieces, letterheads, envelopes, etc. It should be safe to say that most business owners have business cards at the very least but if you’re not using custom letterheads and envelopes for faxes, bills and proposals you may be missing out on giving your clients (or potentials clients) that little extra “pizaz”. (Side note: long, long ago, a very, very wise man told me “the best lemonade in the world is made by mixing in a few of the lemon skins which gives it ‘kick’ - you know. Pizaz”, he said.)

Little Jacket uses stamps for creating custom letterheads, business cards, poster tags, invoices and envelopes that are handsome, very handsome indeed. After some research, we found custom stamps and inks to be a very affordable alternative to printing. Not only would you save some hard earned cash, but you would actually help save our environment by using only the paper you need. Most print shops have a minimum print order - many minimum orders are in the thousands. Instead of printing 500 letterheads and only using 230 before deciding you want a new design, you would only make the exact number needed and never toss away another stack of perfectly good (but now useless) paper materials.

If saving money and helping the environment all while making a great impression on your clients interests you then contact us about our new StampinK Identity Systems. They not only look beautiful but they’ll help set you apart from the crowd at a very affordable rate. Take a look at some of Little Jacket’s id pieces below.

Little Jacket - Logo Large

Little Jacket - Identity System

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