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    Cloud King
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    May 11, 2011


MASH♥ and MASH♡ have been released for iOS… or shall we say updated. We rebranded MASH Valentine as the holiday themed app just wasn’t doing so hot mid-spring (mental note taken). Throw in some fun, new stories, a quick name change, some bug fixes and and *presto* - MASH♡ is moving like wildfire. It currently resides in the top 200 list in over 10 countries, top 25 for Canada and US! Very exciting to see the app gain some real traction.

Our marketing department *with their magic* has helped rebrand and boost sales over sales over 600% this week alone. That number increases daily. Thank you fans, thank you marketing dept. Keep the MASH flowing.

Here are some screen shots of our baby:

MASH iPhone


MASH Heart

MASH Android




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