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    Cloud King
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    January 11, 2011


Our good friends at Magnate Interactive told us recently that a website that we codeveloped with them had been published in a prestigious book, “The Web Designer’s Idea Book”! This book is published by HOW Books (the publisher of the #1 design magazine in the world!). We were of course elated to find out and quickly scooped up a copy from our local Barnes & Noble (decided to pick up a Nook for the fiance as well). Anyway, we modeled and rendered the 3D work in the masthead, produced the video and programmed the Leaderboard. It was a pleasure to codevelop the game Liberty Boom with Magnate. Being our first iPhone app, first time programming in Objective C, first use of Cocoa and Cocos2D we definitely had moments of tears, moments of fear and moments of joy.

Check out our dear friends Magnate Interactive and see the site live at Liberty Boom.

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