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  • Deliverables
    Website, Programming
  • Client
    Kinks, Quirks and Caffeine
  • Duration
    Two weeks
  • Posted
    June 1, 2010
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Jennifer came to us looking to add new features to their existing site keeping a tight budget and an even tighter deadline. They wanted to keep their current design (by Holdren Design) but add a fully-featured shopping cart that would perform well on any OS in any browser. Easy, right? We built a custom shopping cart in PHP / MySQL as Brilliant Retail for ExpressionEngine 2 did not exist yet.  It’s always a fun challenge building building complex features from scratch - time consuming but challenging. In the end, her new site was a success and all her e-mails blasts to her 1,000s of customers could now return an immediate purchase instead of a sticky-note that read, “go to kinks and quirks for ....”.

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