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  • Project Details

  • Deliverables
    iPhone, Programming
  • Client
  • Duration
    Three Months
  • Posted
    August 12, 2010
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Liberty BOOM was our first venture into mobile territory by Mourlam Studios in partnership with Magnate Interactive (another cutting-edge, Toledo-based, development shop). This was our first crack at Objective-C and iPhone development in general so it was both exciting and quite adventurous as the learning curve was quite steep. The headaches and tears were worth it in the end when Liberty BOOM hit the top 100 game charts, making it in to the New & Noteworthy section and the web site featured in The Web Designers Idea Book Volume 2.

Liberty BOOM was a huge success in our eyes as it became a giant stepping stone for Mourlam Studios into the mobile development world helping to solidify other projects such at the University of Toledo iPod and iPad app as well as our featured baby, MASH My Average Life. It was a pleasure, as always, to work with Magnate Interactive and we appreciate their help in catapulting Mourlam Studios into mobile stardom and fame!

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