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    Giggle Ball Greetings, Inc.
  • Duration
    Two months
  • Posted
    January 1, 2011
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Giggle Ball Greetings, Inc.  approached us early 2010 for a complete rebuild of their current Flash site into a productive and effective merchant platform available for viewing on all operating systems including mobile such as the iPhone, iPad and Android. They have their own niche in the greeting cards market so coming up with something original was the easy part. The challenge was creating the site using a CMS Mourlam Studios had only recently adopted (ExpressionEngine) as well as creating a custom shopping cart - as no plugins were currently available for ExpressionEngine at the time.


The release of the updated site was a pivotal moment in early life of Giggle Ball Greetings, Inc. Sales skyrocketed in the following months and compliments poured in with ravings about the new features and dramatic change of the site. Giggle Ball Greetings, Inc was a pleasure to work with as their creative artists had a knack for giving us exactly what we needed and made the build a pleasure.

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